Jay Selway

Jay Selway is the CEO of Jumbie Industries, a mission-driven manufacturing company. Jumbie is driven by their ethos, craftsmanship with a cause, and specializes in laser cutting, engraving, signage, design, and manufacturing – all for a good cause. Jumbie donates 10% of their profits to local pediatric cancer charities.

Jay and his wife, Melanie, started Jumbie Industries after Joe Henson, the 12-year-old son of their family friend, Angie, developed medulloblastoma (a highly aggressive and malignant form of brain cancer). As if this wasn’t terrible enough, Angie (a mother of 4), was left widowed when her husband, Chris, was taken from them in a tragic car accident several years prior.

It was at that point Jay and Melanie made the decision to do whatever they could to help ease the burden childhood cancer was besetting upon our friend’s family. With Jay spending nearly 20 years working in the advertising world, and Melanie spending the best part of her career working at an international non-profit, it was natural to tap into their professional skills to create a fundraising campaign of epic proportions. You can read more about that particular campaign, called “Fear Isn’t Real,” here.

Jumbie Industries is the natural progression of that campaign. The team utilizes their professional skills to create beautiful products and make a difference. It’s fun, fulfilling, and important.

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