Kyle Britt

Kyle J. Britt is a digital leader with a generalist background. Kyle
has worked in digital marketing and advertising, both on the client
side and the agency side, for a dozen years while also founding or
co-founding three companies, from musical artist promotion and event
production to manufacturing and e-commerce. Kyle has been a strategist
for companies in almost every key vertical and led efforts to debut
new technologies and drive revenue through social, CRM, digital
advertising, and web production.

Kyle is the co-creator of the data project Data Defeats Truman, a
comprehensive study of digital marketing from the 2016 presidential
candidates. With over 195,000 emails, tweets, posts, snaps, and videos
since mid 2015, Data Defeats Truman has collected one of the most
complete digital data sets of an American presidential marketing cycle
available. Data Defeats Truman has presented their primary election
findings at SXSW and Light City U with data collection ongoing through
the election.

As an entrepreneur Kyle designed and produced one of the top 10% most
successfully funded Kickstarter projects of all time,
#TheDollarWallet, a simple, minimalist wooden wallet that sold to
backers in all fifty states, forty five countries, twelve military
bases, and two prisons.

As a digital and brand strategist, Kyle has worked with Fortune 500
companies & amazing brands including Google, Ford, Michelob Ultra,
Bertolli, Allstate, Sony Music Group, AutoZone, PayPal, Sony
PlayStation, Keurig, NCAA Football, Dish Networks, OhYeah Nutrition,
Cracker Barrel, and Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits as well as
non-profits including Elevation Church, The Mint Museum and Levine
Children’s Hospital.

In his spare time, Kyle edits ridiculous videos for the 10MM+ people
who have watched his videos on YouTube. Kyle’s videos have been
featured on Gawker, Huffington Post, The Onion AV Club, The Atlantic
Wire, Newsweek, The Consumerist,, College Humor, The Soup,
Entertainment Weekly,, Vulture, and more.

As a speaker and educator, Kyle has been invited to speak and mentor
at national industry conferences like SMX and SXSW and lectured at
universities across the country as well as serving as the course
writer for the first course in digital marketing for Ringling College
of Art & Design’s Advertising Design Major.

Kyle blogs sporadically at

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