Adam Schaeffer

Adam Schaeffer is the founder of Evolving Strategies. He’s consumed by an itch to understand what makes people tick and why they think and do the things that they do.

He considers himself akin to a research biologist who happens to have the great privilege of studying the behavior of the most complex and fascinating animal on the planet: Homo sapiens.

He’s spent the last ten years running sophisticated experiments in the field and in the “lab” to maximize the impact of advertising and optimize messaging tactics.

Adam received his PhD from the University of Virginia in political psychology and behavior. His dissertation assessed how different combinations of school choice policies and messages can expand and mobilize elite and mass support. He received his MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago, where his thesis integrated aspects of evolutionary theory and psychology with political theory and strategy.

His academic research and teaching centered around social psychology and human behavior, and this emphasis continues to animate his applied research.

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