Jon Barnes

A true creative communicator, Jon has experienced enough seemingly disconnected careers in his short lifetime to confuse any guidance counselor. Charging ahead with the realization that creativity can be applied to any profession, Jon currently works at MD-based ADG Creative where he leads a thriving content marketing practice with clients in cyber, HR, banking, architecture, executive search, and telecom. Speaking frequently on all things content, digital, viral and creative, Jon has run his own advertising and design firm, worked with youth in full-time ministry, and run marketing for a regulatory consulting firm and legal practice dedicated to helping clients succeed in FDA regulatory compliance. His YouTube channel has millions of views with videos on car design, filmmaking, creativity, and other assorted mayhem. His finest work has involved unicorns and trade show pranks, hand-painted car murals, meteorological impostering, fictional office park war heroes, car design, executive ghost writing, and ancient Greek.

He holds an Undergraduate Degree in Bible and Theology from Washington Bible College, a Master’s Degree in Modern Studies from Loyola University Maryland, and after flirting with a Doctoral program eventually decided that making YouTube videos was a better investment of energy.

A long time Howard County resident Jon lives with his wife Robin and 4 boys in Ellicott City, MD.

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